Are you Making These Local SEO Mistakes?

April 30, 2015

Local SEO is the way more and more customers are searching for your products locally. Many local searches are being done on mobile devices by people looking to make a purchase in near real time. Consumers are now more likely to shop for various products when they are out shopping. Not being optimized for local search is costing you money. Is your company making of the following mistakes with your local seo marketing plan?

  1. Have you created Google, Bing and Yahoo Listings for your business?
  2. Are you actively seeking reviews from your clients or customers?

Not only will reviews give you a trust factor, the search engines love them.

  1. Have you chosen poor keywords that do not accurately reflect your business offerings?
  2. Not adding fresh content

We live in a content-driven world and creating new content for your blog on a continual basis is a must.

  1. Not optimizing your pictures for location based search.
  2. Providing inconsistent name address phone information.

This information needs to be consistent across all directories and citations you utilize to promote your business.

  1. Do you neglecting social media?

Social media does have an influence on local SEO and is beneficial on many levels. Aside from direct impact of social shares, you are also able to get    your content in front of more people who may want to link to it

  1. Have you tried before and given up?

SEO takes time. Make sure you have a realistic understanding of how much time and money you will need to invest to rank your company.

  1. You never get started.

If you do not try you have a 100 percent chance of failure.

Are you ready to attract more customers to your local business? Give the professionals the JKFranz Group a call today to get your company ranked.

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